Zeopore Technologies was conceived at the KU Leuven after Danny Verboekend discovered Zeopore’s core technologies in the group of Prof. Bert Sels. In the same group, Martin d’Halluin was closely working with Danny to explore the potential of the developed technologies. Both are extremely happy to form, together with Kurt du Mong, Zeopore’ founding team.

Within the Zeopore team, we believe in no-nonsense approaches to transform zeolites into better catalysts. Catalytic benefits are only relevant when the cost price is acceptable and when the green character of zeolites is guaranteed. We aim to solve problems, and we have accordingly generated technologies that provide the shortest scientific and economical path from A to B.

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Our know-how combined with elegant solutions make short work of the persistent obstacles in the synthesis of superior accessible zeolites. Zeopore is first to offer high-quality mesoporous zeolites at a realistic environmental and economic price. We are wholeheartedly convinced in the potential of our zeolites, and see it as our mission to bring these ‘next-generation boiling stones’ within reach of industry.