Accessible zeolites enable a catalytic converter to increase its productivity and lower its operating expenses based on numerous advantages in catalytic activity, selectivity, and stability. Zeopore collaborates with end-users and catalyst manufacturers on unique zeolite-feedstock-process combinations to maximize the catalytic benefits. Zeopore’s cost-effective technologies ensure commercial viability, and can be licensed out: preserving established supply chains and bringing added value to zeolite/catalysts manufacturer and end users.

In the largest application of zeolite catalysts (cracking of oil residues), the benefits of accessible zeolites are gaining more attention every day. Notable benefits are the higher selectivity to middle distillates, at the expense of lights and bottoms, which also relates to a higher plant capacity. The increased activity and reduced coke formation of the catalyst enable a longer time on stream, and reduce energy consumption. In hydrocracking a lower consumption of hydrogen can be attained, whereas in FCC a higher olefinicity of the lights has been reported.

At Zeopore Technologies we aim to bring our partners the catalytic benefits for which mesoporous zeolites are renowned. However, not at any cost…at low cost…