How can our technologies be valuable to you?

Within a large number of zeolite-catalyzed processes, an even larger number of different zeolite types are exploited every day in the refining and petrochemical industry. These zeolites possess, in addition to distinct framework topologies, unique combinations of composition, crystallinity, crystal and particle size, surface properties etc. One may therefore wonder what Zeopore can do for your specific zeolite, used in your specific process, using your specific feedstock.

Zeopore Technologies is not limited by a single type of technology. Instead, we have developed a variety of scalable and cost-effective synthetic tools, enabling to enhance the properties, and ultimately the catalytic performance, of any zeolite. With these tools we can also boost the performance of your zeolite. Moreover, based on many years of practical experience, we are also able to fine-tune the zeolite’s porosity towards your process, yielding maximum benefits at the lowest possible cost.

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