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Quality Assurance Engineer


After executing a temporary assignment last year, Natalia Gonzalez Ogliastri now serves Zeopore on a permanent basis as Quality Assurance Engineer. Under her supervision, Zeopore's laboratories will be further extended and professionalized to ensure full compliance to ISO, ASTM and other international quality standards. Natalia guides the daily lab operations in relation to zeolite mesoporization research, development and synthesis in an environment of continuous process optimization.


Natalia holds a master degree in biochemistry and biotechnology from KU Leuven university and bachelor degrees in biology and industrial microbiology from the Xaverian university in Colombia. Before coming to Belgium, Natalia worked for various organizations in different industries, ranging from food to medical devices. There she has been heavily involved in setting up, developing, organizing and managing laboratories.

Quality is critical in applying Zeopore's tunable technologies in the laboratory. In every step of the process, it allows lab technicians to efficiently and reliably turn any commercially and readily available zeolite into a zeolite with superior accessibility. The technologies applied by Zeopore contain only standard unit operations and ingredients. As a result, these are cost-effective, easily scalable and fully non-hazardous for the environment and people.


Maintaining qualitative laboratory operation touches upon various aspects: personnel, equipment, raw materials, final product, etc. In establishing an integral quality-focused management approach, Natalia focuses on certification, procedures, training, documentation, process improvements and other important aspects. Natalia has the educational background and cross-industry experience to lead Zeopore's daily laboratory operations.

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