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Development Engineer


Peter is graduated as Chemical Engineer with specific focus on Process technology. During his master’s degree at the university of Nuremberg, he worked on biofuels and the effect on hydrophilicity of replacing increasing fractions of conventional diesel with biodiesel.


He first moved into a large corporate, industrial environment within the R&D department of Procter and Gamble. Being on the forefront of new product development, he formulated numerous chemical products that were successfully launched into the market, such as Dawn, Fairy, Dreft detergents. By working closely with process development teams, he became knowledgeable regarding scaling-up technology and process engineering aspects.

Peter then progressed towards more disruptive innovations where his work eventually lead to the creation of potential billion-dollar blockbusters. To fully exploit his entrepreneurship ambitions, he joined the smaller and more agile company Wynn’s as a product technologist working on petrochemical additives. Key competences used for this role were commercial awareness, working under pressure, problem solving and analytical skills. In this function, he became aware of key aspects of the petrochemical business environment, such as routes to market, typical adoption times and main customer requirements.


All these facets eventually culminate in his current role as (process) development engineer for the startup company Zeopore, building disruptive technologies for the catalytic (petro)chemical and bio-based industry, and ensuring optimal processing knowhow to bring such technologies to the market.


Peter has been working on numerous global initiatives and has successfully protected multiple new developments in patents. As a person, he is entrepreneurial, eager to innovate, structured, and happy to be part of and shape a disruptive technology from the very early stage of creation.

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