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Life in a Startup | Late summer BBQ | Physical health and mental well-being

Getting together as a group outside of daily work-related routines is fun and relaxing. That's how it felt last week during a BBQ evening at Zeopore. On this occasion we also welcomed former employees Natalia and Stijn. Together we enjoyed the food and atmosphere on this late summer evening. Sandra prepared this event beautifully and Martin and Peter were the BBQ chefs.

Kurt Du Mong: " As CEO, I see it as a high priority to contribute to the physical health and mental well-being of our team members. They are the heartbeat of Zeopore that sets things in motion. For several months now, Zeopore takes part in FitBonus, a personal guidance program promoted by the Flemish government. The program enables everyone at Zeopore to live a healthier and more resilient life in balance."

Through inspiring (digital) workshops and exercise initiatives, each of us learns how we can strengthen our physical, mental and social health. Professional coaches delve into topics such as sleep, nutrition and exercise (physical health), resilience, focus and stress management (mental health) and connection, trust and dealing with differences (social health).

The FitBonus program resonates well within Zeopore. Some colleagues have already taken the Energy Scan. During this physical fitness screening, your actual biological age is measured and checked to what extent it differs from your actual age. A coach discusses the results, and when you are up for it, you receive a sporting goal to focus on in the coming months. Currently, FitBonus focuses on various aspects of mental health.

It is nice to see colleagues discuss health related topics and experiences at work. Sharing tips and tricks allows for getting to know each other from a more personal perspective. FitBonus program increases the team spirit and encourages everyone to create healthy habits and an inspiring work/life balance.

FitBonus website (Dutch language)


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