Our solution

Zeopore’s solution is straightforward: Our technology platform converts standard commercial zeolites into high-quality mesoporous zeolites at an affordable price tag. Our zeolites combine a tunable mesoporosity with preserved intrinsic zeolitic properties and our technologies are highly scalable and cost-effective, thus preserving the green character for which zeolites are renowned.

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Accessibility: Zeopore’s technologies deliver mesoporous zeolites with a tunable amount of high-quality mesopores. The formed mesoporosity is predominately due to the formation of intra-crystalline cavities, and is not derived from undesired non-zeolitic phases. Moreover, our technologies maximize the mesopore interconnectivity from the outside to the inside of the crystal, ultimately yielding the highest catalytic benefits.

Intrinsic Properties: A zeolite should remain a zeolite after the introduction of mesopores. A key Zeopore criterion is therefore the preservation of the intrinsic zeolitic properties. These we analyze using quantitative bulk techniques such as gas sorption, X-ray diffraction, and acidity characterization. This approach enables us to prepare an unprecedented high acid site density in accessible USY zeolites.

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Industrial Appeal: Zeopore’s technologies feature strictly industrially relevant chemical ingredients and industrially relevant unit operations. Our technologies are not centralized on the use of costly, toxic, and inconvenient nitrogen-containing hydrocarbons or the use of extended hydrothermal stages.