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Process Operator


Stijn has studied Chemical Engineering on the KU Leuven Industrial Engineering campus. When graduating, he took on a student job at Zeopore Technologies to conduct various laboratory activities. The 'chemistry was right' and Stijn has gradually grown into his role of process operator on a permanent basis.

Executing experimental tests in the laboratory, which cover multiple technical fields, is what Stijn really enjoys doing. This is in line with his practical hands-on attitude and his major in 'sustainable process and materials engineering'. The tests that Stijn conducts, focus on various aspects in the optimization and upscaling of zeolite mesoporization processes: materials, chemistry, process steps, quality, etc.

Stijn wants to positively contribute to Zeopore’s evolution from lab experiments to industrial-scale production. While performing safe and efficient testing, Stijn evaluates the process results from a practical viewpoint. He collects the results and shares his findings with senior team members, who further improve the process towards a more cost-effective and high-quality level. Stijn also has an impact on the daily experimentation planning and the optimized and safe execution of the tests.

In his free time, Stijn further expands his knowledge about information technology and process automation. Obviously, this is very useful in his job at Zeopore towards planning and process development result processing.

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