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Zeopore’s tunable technologies toolbox enables to turn any commercially and readily available zeolite into a zeolite with superior accessibility. Our technologies deploy only Zeopore Technologies standard unit operations and ingredients, and have been specifically designed to maximize mesopore formation quality and efficiency.


By systematically taking the hurdles in the synthesis and scale-up of mesoporous zeolites head-on, Zeopore has created a unique technological position. We have developed (and patented) several specific technologies to avoid common commercialization pitfalls such as the use of costly organics, the excessive loss of precious zeolite, complex separations technologies, and low reactor productivity. Doing so, we not only enable to make mesoporous zeolites at a lower price-tag, but also with unprecedented material properties.


Accordingly, Zeopore is able to offer cost-effective mesoporous zeolites for all catalytic applications, ranging from the widespread faujasites used in catalytic cracking, to the more refined pentasil-based zeolites used in the petrochemical industry.

The value of Zeopore’s achievements on cost-effective manufacturing becomes very clear when compared to already commercial nano-zeolites. A key issue limiting the commercial appeal of nano-sized zeolites is their high production cost which results from an elaborate hydrothermal synthesis. Zeopore’s technologies yield materials displaying superior performance compared to nano-zeolites, but at a substantially lower cost.


Interested in examples of making accessible mesoporous zeolites more sustainable? Check out the below work co-authored by Dr. Danny Verboekend:

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