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Altogether, the Zeopore team combines decades of accumulated experience and covers all key disciplines of our business. On top of that, we are an international team with members from Belgium, Netherlands, France and Colombia. Zeopore is proudly supported by a network of professionals, and we are happy to enjoy the input of enthusiastic students associated with the Leuven academic domain.

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Kurt Du Mong


Passionate of bringing new technologies to the market, and leading start-ups into success and growth, Kurt is the CEO of Zeopore. He is excited to lead the journey of his team towards changing the world of zeolite catalysis, and enabling the optimal use of fossil and natural raw materials.


Natalia Gonzalez Ogliastri

Quality Assurance Engineer

As a Quality Leader in different industries including food and medical devices, Natalia Gonzalez Ogliastri set up and managed quality control laboratories following the standard guidelines applicable in each scenario. Natalia developed a great passion for standardization, quality systems, and continuous improvement, which she will apply at Zeopore in the role of Quality Assurance Engineer.


Rob Snoeijs

Communication Specialist

Already writing and speaking on behalf of scaleup companies for 25 years, Rob Snoeijs is the communication specialist of Zeopore Technologies. Rob captures key messages and story lines related to zeolite innovations and communicates these to the general public and dedicated media in refining, petrochemical and emerging markets.


Danny Verboekend


With more than 10 years in the world of zeolites, Danny is the main inventor of Zeopore’s technology portfolio. Based on his extensive background, Danny is responsible for the identification of optimal solutions for customers as well as streamlining production and spearheading product innovation.


Martin d'Halluin

Development Engineer

Martin is one of the founders of Zeopore, he contributed to the development of Zeopore’s technology portfolio. Thanks to his general chemical background and high technical skills, Martin is taking charge of the development, production and quality control of Zeopore materials. He is also acting as internal prevention advisor for the company.


Peter Vancampenhout

Development Engineer

Having worked several years in international R&D organizations, and successfully developed new chemical and petrochemical products, Peter couples a solid formulation know-how and pragmatic mindset with a strong process engineering background. He will deploy this skill set in order to develop the core production process and up-scaling technology for Zeopore.


Stijn De Broyer

Process Operator

The lab tests that Stijn executes, focus on various facets in the optimization of Zeopore’s proprietary zeolite meso-porization processes. He evaluates and enhances specific technical concepts, such as scaling such developments to pilot scale. He collects the results and shares his findings with senior colleagues. The experimental testing covers multiple technical fields and significantly impact the further technical evolution of the company.