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Laboratory Technician


One of my key personal drivers is using my scientific education to make this world a better place. I love to work with my hands in the lab rather than diving into fundamental scientific articles. As a lab technician, I like to find practical and logic solutions to further improve lab processes and organization. 

I hold a bachelor degree in chemistry and started my career at Exxonmobil in Machelen (BE), in the department of catalyst development. I produced zeolites from the company's raw materials, and spent hours tuning the electronic microscope to evaluate the size and shape of the crystals. A few years later, I started working at Huntsman Polyurethane Europe (BE) as a process technologist improving different Variant systems on the Huntsman manufacturing plant for Europe and China. 

I also assisted colleagues in the development of new products to guarantee that the optimal production process would be implemented in the production plant. In parallel, I took on the role of safety officer, promoting safety on the work floor and improving working procedures. I spent 16 years at Huntsman, in the last period as an employee of the Huntsman Global Research organization.

Zeopore caught my attention with its ambition to contribute to sustainable chemistry applications and the circular economy. The company also improves the performance and efficiency of refining and petrochemical industries, which reduces their ecologic footprint on a global scale. We all need to innovate and contribute to make the EU Green Deal a reality. Stepping in early on with innovating technologies is important to play an active role. In my free time, I try to make an positive impact to the environment by cycling instead of taking the car, for example.

Moving from multinationals to a start-up company is quite a step, but also a great opportunity to bring my multiyear experience into a young team. You clearly feel the direct impact between your personal contribution and how this benefits our global customers. The energy and drive on the work floor is really motivating. In my function as lab technician, I prepare and test small-scale zeolite-based samples to acquire insights for internal technology development or deliver directly to customers for their testing and validation. With my experience and having worked in different teams, I can bring a fresh pair of hands and eyes to Zeopore to further improve their way of working.

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