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Zeolite catalysts are widely used based on their excellent intrinsic properties (e.g. stability, crystallinity, acidity, porosity) combined with a low cost and green character. Still a major disadvantage is their narrow micropore structure that provokes access and diffusion limitations. As a result, only a minor part of the zeolite potential (the crystal surface) is actually utilized.


Zeopore’s solution is straightforward: Our technology platform converts standard commercial zeolites into high-quality mesoporous zeolites at an affordable price tag. Our zeolites combine a tunable mesoporosity with preserved intrinsic zeolitic properties and our technologies are highly scalable and cost-effective, thus preserving the green character for which zeolites are renowned.

"The variety and tunability of our technologies enables us to improve any zeolitic material, from USY to ZSM-5, and from zeolite to SAPO.”

Danny Verboekend, Zeopore Technologies

The tunable technologies toolbox that we have developed, enables to turn any commercially and readily available zeolite into a zeolite with superior accessibility. Our technologies deploy only Zeopore Technologies standard unit operations and ingredients, and have been specifically designed to maximize mesopore formation quality and efficiency.


Zeopore's mesoporized zeolites offer catalyst manufacturers up to 10-fold cost advantage compared to competing technologies. Following successful validation trials for major refining processes, we are preparing licensing and product supply agreements with major catalyst developers and refining companies around the world.

Want to learn more about the basics in mesoporization? Check out some milestone review papers co-authored by Dr. Danny Verboekend:

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