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Zeopore is diving into webinars! The webinar series focuses on various aspects related to zeolites, including mesoporization technologies, conventional and sustainable applications, market trends, and more. Our inaugural webinar session was held on Wednesday, May 22, 2024. We will soon share more details about upcoming sessions (topics, agenda, speakers). Registration is free but required.

Webinar Session #1 : 'Boosting Green Applications using Enhanced Zeolites'

The first session of our webinar series was a success, attracting dozens of attendees from around the globe. On May 22, 2024, presenters Gil Morieras and Martin d'Halluin dived into Zeopore’s groundbreaking zeolite mesoporization technology and discussed its positive impact on eco-friendly catalytic applications, such as chemical plastic waste recycling, CO2 capture, biomass conversion, and more.


  • Zeopore’s unique zeolite mesoporization technology

  • Overview of green catalytic applications in which Zeopore makes a difference

  • The results of our technology in sustainable applications: chemical plastic waste recycling, CO2 capture, biomass conversion

  • Zeopore’s current status and future roadmap

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(Re)experience the webinar

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