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Danny, one of the founders of Zeopore Technologies, is the main inventor of Zeopore’s technology portfolio. Based on his extensive background, Danny is responsible for the identification of optimal solutions for customers, as well as streamlining production and spearheading product innovation.


Danny has been working non-stop on the synthesis of accessible mesoporous zeolites using affordable and scalable methods for over a decade. Danny is a world-renowned expert, having published synthetic strategies, on scales varying from the gram to kilogram, on nearly all commercial zeolites. In addition, he has a broad experience in demonstrating the catalytic value of these materials in the rearranging (isomerization), enlargement in the size (alkylation), and reduction in the size (cracking) of hydrocarbons. Danny has experience with the acid- and base-catalyzed conversion of feedstock molecules derived from the refining and petrochemical industry, as well those derived from biomass streams.

He received his BSc in chemistry and MSc in chemistry and physics from Utrecht University (Netherlands). Danny performed his PhD at ETH Zurich (Switzerland), for which he received the ETH medal for outstanding doctoral thesis. Afterwards he started to work as an FWO-funded post-doctoral researcher at the KU Leuven (Belgium), where in the group of Prof. Bert Sels, Zeopore’s patented technologies were conceived.


Danny has published over 35 articles on the synthesis or catalytic exploitation of accessible mesoporous zeolites. This includes 18 first author papers and 4 reviews. In addition, he is the co-promotor of 3 PhD students, and is the author of 2 book chapters.

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