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Process Development Engineer


Lucas graduated as a bioengineer, with a master's degree in catalytic technology, at KU Leuven (BE). At the university, he gained his first working experience working with zeolites. As part of his thesis, Lucas investigated the use of small-pore zeolites in combination with metal oxides for the conversion of CO2 to olefins, an important process within the circular economy.

His career started at Sweco, a leading consultancy firm that shapes sustainable cities and communities. As a process engineer, he has further expanded his process-related knowledge and skills. His process and catalysis expertise will be useful to Lucas to further improve and manage Zeopore's processes.

At Zeopore, Lucas initially spent a few months conducting lab-scale experiments while diving into the fundamentals of Zeopore's unique zeolite modification technology. This allows him to gradually spend more time preparing to optimize and maintain the large-scale production processes currently under construction.

Sustainability is very important to Lucas. His catalysis-focused thesis at the university certainly focused on sustainability, by investigating the conversion of CO2 emissions into useful chemical components. With Zeopore, Lucas also wants to contribute to the development and scaling up of sustainable processes, such as the plastic waste recycling, biomass conversion and sustainable fuels. Likewise, he wants to help catalysis innovations make conventional petrochemical processes more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Lucas enjoys spending time outdoors and exploring nature. He is always ready to go cycling, running or walking with friends. Lucas is also attracted to the coast, where he likes to go sailing.

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