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Last week we held our traditional annual Zeopore Strategy Day, followed by a team building 'cooking workshop'. On the same day we improved our cooking skills and prepared our strategy 'recipes' for 2024, another exciting year. We clearly have talented chefs in our ranks! Together we enjoy our startup journey as we continue to build the future of our company. This year had many highlights and there is also a lot planned for next year.

On the business side, we have now received several customer confirmations of our strong value proposition in traditional refining (FCC, hydrocracking and dewaxing), which will translate into firm commercial supply agreements. In particular, our latest hydrocracking achievements have generated significant refining interest, which is awaiting fulfilment.

On the operational side, the construction of our in-house industrial pilot unit for mesoporization of zeolites will be completed before the end of the year. This installation is indeed quite a milestone for our young company. Next year we will further scale up and finetune our process, enabling a minimal environmental footprint, optimized economics and stable quality on a tonne scale. We will make substantial efforts to embed higher levels of quality, safety and environmental stewardship into this larger scale of operations.

Hot off the press, the Flemish government has decided to continue to financially support our efforts in these areas, which is yet another sign of the potential of our offering.

At the same time, we also focus on further expanding our technological proofpoints in sustainable applications, such as sustainable fuels, ecofriendly chemical production and recycling of (plastic) waste. However, the rollout of such technologies on an industrial scale requires fundamental process changes. Therefore we are looking for partners and consortia to jointly anchor our catalytic innovations in broader technological developments to realize new green processes, hardware and supply chain.

And finally, we are active in the field of human resources, in parallel with the commercial and operational progress of the company. We are integrating our newest employees into a further developed corporate structure to prepare for the challenges of the coming years.


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