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Benefits of simultaneous mesoporiZation/metal incorporation

With the emerging shift towards a sustainable and renewable refining and petrochemical

industry - and new green processes - the use of tailored metal-based catalysts is likely to intensify

'Porous materials for a green future' was the official theme of FEZA 2023 in Slovenia. Just recently, Martin d'Halluin and Danny Verboekend took part in this event. Martin presented the 'Synthetic and Catalytic Benefits of Metal Mesoporization', introducing the groundbreaking innovation of simultaneous mesoporisation/metal incorporation.

For more details, refer to the related article in the 2023 PTQ Catalysis publication.

Participation in the zeolite-centered event showed once more that a lot is going on with regard to circular economy, from non-fossil fuel refineries to plastic waste recycling. Key in getting new catalytic processes off the ground is research and development to more profoundly understand the intrinsic behavior and tunability of zeolites. Tailored metal-based zeolite catalysts open up new avenues in enabling new and advancing existing catalytic processes alike.

Zeopore is developing and producing tailored metal-based and other zeolite catalysts for a range of applications. As a company, we focus on commercializing optimized higher-performing zeolites in established and emerging applications.


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