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Developing our position in 'green' applications with Antwerp Management School

In the emerging sustainability arena for zeolite catalysts, Zeopore sees many opportunities in the macroshift from the chemical industry to renewable sources, ecofriendly energy production, and (plastic) waste recycling. A collaboration with Antwerp Management School (AMS) enables three master students in innovation and entrepreneurship to rub shoulders with us and jointly complete a 'business plan' trajectory.

After pitching the Zeopore project at AMS, Julian Elsässer, Shaohua Luo and Kevin Hofkens signed up and visited Zeopore to kick off the project. After taking a deep dive into the dynamics driving the 'green' energy transition and circular economy, they will collaborate with us to define business development strategies for enhancing or revolutionizing certain catalytic 'green' processes.

Our collaboration with the students focus on identifying business opportunities to innovate emerging 'green' applications by mastering zeolite catalyst performance. Such opportunities may lead to partners or consortia to jointly embed our catalysis innovations in broader technology developments for realizing new 'green' processes, hardware and supply chains.

Shaohua Luo says that this project with Zeopore is exemplary for the work she may later be doing in strategy consulting. She dreams of assisting growth startup companies focusing on new materials and processes for a better environment.

Kevin Hofkens appreciates the end-to-end scope of this business project, and that the findings may generate direct impact for Zeopore in innovating emerging 'green' applications.

Julian Elsaesser is in favor of projects focusing on ecology. He also emphasizes on the advantage of concrete actions that may arise from this unique mesoporization technology in shaping the energy transition and circular economy.


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