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Setting up in-house industrial pilot unit for mesoporizing zeolites

Follow this news series to witness what Zeopore has in store the coming months. We are excited to set up our own industrial pilot unit! You find the latest news at the top.

An industrial pilot unit allows us to further tune our unique mesoporization process and deliver ton-scale testing volumes of mesoporized zeolites. It is a truly exciting step in the current scale-up stage in Zeopore’s growth path. It underlines the trust our investors and partners have in us and our commitment towards prospects and customers.

--- Early November 2023 ---

The realization of our pilot unit is progressing well. Currently we are in the assembly, finalization and testing phase of all individual equipment parts as well as the 3D design of the entire plant. This effort is effectuated together with engineering company Konzept Engineering Services GmbH, a renowned German company with experience in such wet chemical processes.

An important element in the new pilot unit is the steel platform which will hold all reactors. This structure was separately designed and is now being constructed and welded. Of course, the platform comes in Zeopore’s blue and white branding colors.

Here you see the delivery of the colored steel platform parts.

To speed up the commissioning process and get the pilot unit ready for operation as soon as possible, Zeopore decided to test run the modified filter at the assembly location before transportation to Leuven. The following footage shows an initial trial of a zeolite slurry filtration.

In the coming weeks, everything will be assembled and installed at our location in Leuven, for which we defined the necessary manpower, safety instructions and timelines.

This stage is yet another important step in our scaling up adventure, further process optimization and ability to supply larger (ton scale) volumes to our customers.

--- October 2023 ---

On-site preparations are taking place to install required process utilities. The available electric power has increased tenfold to drive and control the entire unit. A big compressor system was installed to supply sufficient air to run the unit. And a tempered water system has arrived to control the process temperature.

--- March to September 2023 ---

A lot of work has been done on the drawing table, in collaboration with engineering company Konzept Engineering Services GmbH. At the same time equipment has been sourced, modified and prepared for installation.

--- February and March 2023 ---

Early on in 2023, Zeopore decided to build its own production unit for mesoporized zeolites. While presenting the operations team who kicked off this project, Henk Janssen briefly explained the purpose of this remarkable endeavor, while presenting the team who is turning this into reality.

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