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Zeopore innovations in the spotlight at ERTC 2022

It was an honor to participate in ERTC conference in Berlin, Europe's largest downstream event for refiners and petrochemical stakeholders. Thank you ERTC for hosting this leading event and facilitating our presentation.

Our CTO Danny Verboekend presented "Mesoporous zeolites deliver catalytic benefits," through tunable and cost-effective zeolite modification. Zeopore demonstrated that this makes refining processes more selective and economical, while also enabling sustainable supply chains in biomass or plastic waste feeds.

In a nutshell, the focal points of Zeopore's presentation:

  • Tunable and cost-effective zeolite modification for enhanced catalytic benefits

  • Demonstrated to make refining processes more selective and economical

  • Enabling for sustainable supply chains in biomass or plastic waste feeds

ERTC 2022 brings the industry together once again after the long Covid period. More than 600 refiners and technology providers gathered in Berlin to discuss various evolutions affecting the refining industry. A major focus was how refiners can future-proof their businesses in the long-term energy mix.

During ERTC 2022, Zeopore was introduced in the event newspaper:

We already think about taking part in ERTC 2023, which will return to Italy on November 13-16, 2023.


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