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In the refining and petrochemical industry, catalysts are essential in producing the desired products in an efficient and sustainable manner. Zeopore is developing optimized catalysts to enhance the performance of these processes, leading to higher quality products, lower energy use and less waste. Our processes are cost-effective, easily scalable and fully non-hazardous for the environment and people.

Moreover, for the emerging industries, such as those based on renewable or waste (plastic) feedstocks, our improved catalysts are an essential component to convert these feeds in a sustainable, efficient and cost competitive way.


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Better catalysts

We have developed a broad platform of zeolite modification processes that enhance the activity, selectivity and lifetime of any zeolite catalysts. Our technologies complement zeolite micropores with a network of larger mesopores, significantly increasing the accessibility to and from the active sites inside the zeolite crystals. In addition, Zeopore is able to tune the acidity and other intrinsic properties ensuring the optimal settings for the specific zeolite, feedstock and application combination.

Low-cost and environmental-friendly processing

No damage to intrinsic crystallinity of the zeolite

High tunability of the zeolitic properties

Applicable to any zeolite or zeolite-like material

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Industry disruptions

Maximize performance and minimize environmental impact of conventional refining and petrochemical processes

Zeolite catalysts are frequently used in key refining and petrochemical processes. Our mesoporised zeolites have demonstrated superior performance in such processes by increasing the output towards the most valuable fractions, improving the activity of the catalyst, as well as showing a prolonged lifetime.

Pioneer the catalytic valorization of waste plastics as an alternative for incineration, reducing CO2 emissions and residual waste streams

The catalytic conversion of waste plastics is expected to become a dominant technology to reduce waste incineration, and enable closing the loop for plastics. Zeolites are a key catalyst ingredient for such processes, and a tunable mesoporization platform is enabling to exploit such catalysts both effectively and economically.

Also for the sustainable valorization of bulk and complex nature of biorenewable feedstocks, mesoporised zeolites are a key component in providing desired biochemicals in an effective and cost-competitive way. Zeopore is convinced that mesoporised zeolites will become an essential component in the new era of a sustainable chemical industry.

“Zeopore's mesoporized zeolites offer catalyst manufacturers up to 10-fold cost advantage compared to competing technologies.”

Kurt Du Mong, Zeopore Technologies


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